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Spectroscopy of $^18$Na : Bridging the two-proton radioactivity of $^19$Mg

7 octobre 2011

The unbound nucleus $^18$Na, the intermediate nucleus in the two-proton radioactivity of $^19$Mg, was studied by the measurement of the resonant elastic scattering reaction $^17$Ne(p,$^17$Ne)p performed at 4 A.MeV. Spectroscopic properties of the low-lying states were obtained in a R-matrix (...)

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Spectroscopy of the unbound nucleus $^18$Na

15 septembre 2010

The unbound nucleus 18Na, the intermediate nucleus in the two-proton radioactivity of 19Mg, is studied through the resonant elastic scattering 17Ne(p,17Ne)p. The spectroscopic information obtained in this experiment is discussed and put in perspective with previous measurements and the (...)

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Prolate-Spherical Shape Coexistence at N=28 in $^44$S

28 juillet 2010

The structure of $^44$S has been studied using delayed $\gamma$ and electron spectroscopy at \textscganil. The decay rates of the 0$^+_2$ isomeric state to the 2$^+_1$ and 0$^+_1$ states have been measured for the first time, leading to a reduced transition probability (...)

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The β–γ decay of 21Na

12 avril 2010

A new and independent determination of the Gamow–Teller branching ratio in the β-decay of 21Na is reported. The value 5.13 ± 0.43% obtained is in agreement with the currently adopted value and the most recent measurement. In contrast to previous experiments, the present method was based on the (...)

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Structure around the island of inversion with single-neutron knockout reactions at GANIL

20 janvier 2010

The nuclear structure of the 31Mg nucleus has been studied with the singleneutron knockout reaction. We report on the preliminary results of an experiment performed with the EXOGAM array coupled, for the first time, to the SPEG spectrometer at GANIL.We present a provisional result for the (...)

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Study of beta-delayed 3-body and 5-body breakup channels from the decay of 11Li

25 septembre 2008

The beta-delayed charged particle emission from 11Li has been studied with emphasis on the three-body n+alpha+6He and five-body 2alpha+3n channels from the 10.59 and 18.15 MeV states in 11Be. Monte Carlo simulations using an R-matrix formalism lead to the conclusion that the AHe resonance (...)

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Single-Proton Removal Reaction Study of $^16$B

29 février 2008

The low-lying level structure of the unbound system $^16$B has been investigated via single-proton removal from a 35 MeV/nucleon $^17$C beam. The coincident detection of the beam velocity $^15$B fragment and neutron allowed the relative energy of the in-flight decay of $^16$B to be (...)

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Evidence for core excitation in single-particle states of $^19$Na

5 février 2008

We present an experimental study of $^19$Na states in the excitation energy range between 2 and 3 MeV. The presence of $^19$Na single-particle levels at these energies was first predicted by a microscopic cluster model and then experimentally confirmed by measuring the elastic and inelastic (...)

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Quasi-bound low energy tail of resonance

28 septembre 2007

Ground states of particle-unbound nuclei are seen as resonances. According to the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the shorter is the lifetime of the state the broader is the resonance. The Breit-Wigner function describes perfectly the shape of the resonance when energy-dependent (...)

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B(E1) Strengths from Coulomb Excitation of $^11$Be

25 mai 2007

The $B$(E1 ;$1/2^+\to1/2^-$) strength for $^11$Be has been extracted from intermediate energy Coulomb excitation measurements, over a range of beam energies using a new reaction model, the extended continuum discretized coupled channels (XCDCC) method. In addition, a measurement of the (...)

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Collapse of the N=28 shell closure in $^42$Si

9 mai 2007

The energies of the excited states in very neutron-rich $^42$Si and $^41,43$P have been measured using in-beam$gamma$-ray spectroscopy from the fragmentation of secondary beams of $^42,44$S at 39 A.MeV. The low $2^+ $ energy of $^42$Si, 770(19) keV, together with the level schemes of $^41,43$P (...)

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New pathway to bypass the $^15$O waiting point

19 janvier 2007

Two reactions $^15$O(p,$\beta^+$)$^16$O and $^15$O(p,$\gamma)(\beta^+$)$^16$O are presented as new paths to bypass the $^15$O waiting point in the CNO cycles. Precise measurements of the ground and excited states in $^16$F, obtained using H($^15$O,p)$^15$O reaction, were used to calculate the (...)

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SPIRAL at GANIL : Latest Results and Plans for the Future

6 décembre 2006

The first accelerated exotic beam of the SPIRAL (Production System of Radioactive Ion and Acceleration On-Line) facility at GANIL at Caen has been delivered for experiments in September 2001. After working for almost 5 years, 32 experiments were performed in the facility using exotic isotopes (...)

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Radiative proton capture on $^6$He

8 novembre 2006

Radiative capture of protons is investigated as a probe of clustering in nuclei far from stability. The first such measurement on a halo nucleus is reported here for the reaction $^6$He(p,$\gamma$) at 40 MeV. Capture into $^7$Li is observed as the strongest channel. In addition, events have (...)

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Three-body correlations in Borromean halo nuclei

10 juillet 2006

Three-body correlations in the dissociation of Borromean halo nuclei are explored for the first time using a technique based on intensity interferometry and Dalitz plots. As an example, the breakup of $^14$Be into $^12$Be+n+n by Pb and C targets is analysed. The combined treatment of n-n and (...)

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Structure of $^12$Be : intruder d-wave strength at N=8

17 février 2006

The breaking of the N=8 shell-model magic number in the $^12$Be ground state has been determined to include significant occupancy of the intruder d-wave orbital. This is in marked contrast with all other N=8 isotones, both more and less exotic than $^12$Be. The occupancies of the 0hw vp$_1/2$ (...)

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Study of 19Na at SPIRAL

5 septembre 2005

The excitation function for the elastic-scattering reaction p18Ne, p18Ne was measured with the first radioactive beam from the SPIRAL facility at the GANIL laboratory and with a solid cryogenic hydrogen target. Several broad resonances have been observed, corresponding to new excited states in (...)

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The halo of $^14$Be

19 avril 2005

The two-neutron halo nucleus 14Be has been investigated in a kinematically complete measurement of the fragments (12Be and neutrons) produced in dissociation at 35 MeV/nucleon on C and Pb targets. Two-neutron removal cross-sections, neutron angular distributions and invariant mass spectra (...)

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