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Medical and industrial applications

The "Medical and Industrial Applications" team is involved in dosimetry measurements for medical and industrial purposes since its creation. For eight years the group is strongly involved into the development of beam monitors and carbon fragmentation studies for hadrontherapy.

Hadrontherapy consists in irradiating cancerous tumours with light nuclei such as proton or carbon ions. Proton therapy is now widely spread worldwide. Carbon therapy is growing in importance. To be as efficient as possible in irradiating the tumour, all physics and biological processes which may occur during the treatments must be kept under control. A specific software, the Treatment Planning System or TPS, is used to define the machine parameters for a given patient, pathology and accelerator. Once these parameters are determined, different set-ups are necessary to control the irradiation process. Nuclear physicists can contribute to hadrontherapy in two ways : by optimizing the dose calculation module of TPS by studying the physical processes involved in the irradiation process ; by designing and building devices which can help to monitor the beam and which may allow controlling the dose deposition in the patient.

The "Medical and Industrial Applications" team is also strongly involved in the ARCHADE project. This centre will be dedicated to the medical, biological and physical research in carbon-therapy and will be located at Caen. The group contributes to FRANCE-HADRON which gathers all the scientific terms in medicine, biology and physics which contribute to the development of hadrontherapy in France.