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Nuclear waste management

The group “Aval du Cycle Electronucléaire” is involved in the experimental physics of fast and subcritical accelerator-driven reactors (or ADS) and in nuclear data measurements.

With regard to reactor physics, we carry out our work in the context of European projects that have followed each other since 2007 and as part of a collaboration contract between CNRS and SCK-CEN, signed in 2017. More specifically, our work focuses on the online measurement of the reactivity of an ADS, in support of the MYRRHA project. This consists in defining and carrying out our experiments at the GUINEVERE facility of the SCK-CEN, analyzing our data by developing algorithms and numerical simulations useful for the analysis of the measurements but also for the preparation of the experiments.
Regarding nuclear data, our SCALP project, started in 2014, aims to measure the energy differential cross sections of the (n, alpha) reactions on 16O and 19F. This measure is of interest for reactor physics. For this project, a scintillating ionization chamber equipped with 4 photomultipliers was designed and built in the laboratory. The group works on the characterization of the device performances and on the analysis of the data, developing algorithms and numerical simulations. Since 2018, the group has been working with teams from CEA / DEN and LPSC for the ALDEN experiment which aims to measure the characteristics of the delayed neutrons emitted by nuclei of interest to the nuclear reactors. Finally, the group is involved in the qualification of the NFS neutron beam at GANIL.