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Le mardi 15 mai à 11 h, Nathal Severijns donnera un séminaire :

Beta-spectrum shape measurements :
weak magnetism and the reactor neutrino anomaly

N. Severijns

Institute for Nuclear and Radiation Physics, KU Leuven University, Leuven, Belgium


Precise measurements of observables in beta decay allow testing the symmetries of the Standard Model, or searching for new physics at the low-energy frontier. With the precision of these measurements reaching the per mil level small Standard Model effects now have to be included as well. The understanding of these, such as e.g. weak magnetism, requires additional efforts, both from experiment and theory, in order to maintain optimal sensitivity to weak interaction properties. In addition, weak magnetism might also be at the heart of the so-called reactor neutrino anomaly.

Recently, technological advances have triggered new measurements of the beta-spectrum shape at several laboratories. The latter is sensitive to both weak magnetism and new physics contributions, i.e. scalar and tensor type currents. Also, an improved description of the beta-spectrum, accurate at the few 10^-4 level, has recently become available.

An overview of these new developments and their possible impact on weak magnetism and the reactor neutrino anomaly will be presented.

Rendez-vous en salle Gilles Iltis.

L’équipe séminaires (Greg et Gilles)


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