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R. Arnold et al. (NEMO-3 Collaboration)


Measurement of the 2νββ decay half-life of Nd150 and a search for 0νββ decay processes with the full exposure from the NEMO-3 detector

R. Arnold et al. (NEMO-3 Collaboration)

We present results from a search for neutrinoless double-β (0νββ) decay using 36.6 g of the isotope Nd150 with data corresponding to a live time of 5.25 y recorded with the NEMO-3 detector. We construct a complete background model for this isotope, including a measurement of the two-neutrino double-β decay half-life of T2ν1/2=[9.34±0.22(stat) +0.62−0.60(syst)]×1018 y for the ground state transition, which represents the most precise result to date for this isotope. We perform a multivariate analysis to search for 0νββ decays in order to improve the sensitivity and, in the case of observation, disentangle the possible underlying decay mechanisms. As no evidence for 0νββ decay is observed, we derive lower limits on half-lives for several mechanisms involving physics beyond the standard model. The observed lower limit, assuming light Majorana neutrino exchange mediates the decay, is T0ν1/2>2.0×1022 y at the 90% C.L., corresponding to an upper limit on the effective neutrino mass of ⟨mν⟩<1.6–5.3 eV.


Phys. Rev. D 94, 072003 – Published 11 October 2016 :