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Ecole Joliot-Curie 2017

Ecole Joliot-Curie 2017

The 36th edition of the Joliot-Curie School will cover an ‘old’ subject, radioactivity, but from new perspectives that keep triggering discoveries and innovation still 120 years later.

Challenging theoretical predictions together with sophisticated experimental devices extend nowadays the number of radioactive modes far beyond the three first letters of the Greek alphabet, improving our understanding of the atomic nucleus. Alpha decay studies keep adding new elements to the periodic table. High precision measurements of the beta decay challenge the Standard Model of particle physics in unique ways beyond reach of even the powerful LHC. The production of new radioactive isotopes enlarges the landscape of medical applications. Original devices extend our capabilities to control power plants and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. New dating techniques take us back to the origins of mankind.

Lectures covering all these aspects will be complemented by the presentation of an innovative technique, muon tomography, that will be illustrated through workshop sessions (more details will be given later). The students will be able to present their work during two poster sessions during the first days of the school.

The school will take place from 24th September (Sunday) to 29th September 2017 (Friday) at Les Issambres, near Saint-Raphaël (south of France).

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