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Toutes les soumissions pour Pârlog - liste restreinte à 50 entrées - HAL - IN2P3

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  • [hal-02159785] Study of multi-neutron emission in the $\beta$-decay of $^{11}$Li

    20 juin, par (F. Delaunay), F. Delaunay
    The kinematics of two-neutron emission following the $\beta$-decay of $^11$Li was investigated for the first time by detecting the two neutrons in coincidence and by measuring their angle and energy. An array of liquid-scintillator neutron detectors was used to reject cosmic-ray and (...)
  • [hal-02116537] Study of multi-neutron systems with SAMURAI spectrometer

    2 mai, par (Z.H. Yang), Z.H. Yang
    The tetraneutron has been drawing the attention of the nuclear physics community for decades, but a firm conclusion on its existence and properties is still far from being reached despite many experimental and theoretical efforts. New measurements have recently been performed at RIBF with the (...)
  • [hal-02116521] Time of flight identification with FAZIA

    2 mai, par (S. Valdré), S. Valdré
    FAZIA (Forward A and Z identification Array) is an array of threestage Si-Si-CsI(Tl) telescopes. It was designed to operate with beams in the 20– 100 MeV/u energy range and it provides charge and mass discrimination over a wide range of nuclei and energies. In the perspective of FAZIA (...)
  • [hal-02116485] Isotopic composition of quasi-projectile fission fragments for the systems $^{40,48}$Ca + $^{40,48}$Ca at 35 AMeV

    1er mai, par (A.Camaiani G. Casini), A.Camaiani G. Casini
    In this paper, preliminary results for the reactions 40,48Ca + 40,48Ca at 35 MeV/u in the framework of the FAZIASYM experiment are discussed. FAZIASYM experiment was performed at the LNS cyclotron with 4 blocks of the FAZIA apparatus. We will focus on the quasi-projectile fission events. After (...)
  • [hal-02116486] Recent results of the ISOFAZIA experiment

    1er mai, par (S. Piantelli), S. Piantelli
    Recent results concerning isospin transport phenomena on the systems 80Kr + 40,48Ca at 35 MeV/nucleon are presented. An investigation of the isospin content of both fission fragments coming from the QuasiProjectile is also shown. Data were collected with four FAZIA blocks (ISOFAZIA experiment). (...)

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