IN2P3 celebrates its 50th anniversary
September 24, 2021, in Caen

Join us from April 14 in one of our special events organized in our laboratories with demonstrations, exchanges with our scientists, conferences...

Opening Ceremonie

(by invitation only)

9:30 / Welcome to GANIL

10:30 / Speech of Reynald PAIN (IN2P3 Director)
“50 years of IN2P3”

11:00 / Navin ALAHARI (GANIL Director) & Gilles BAN (LPC Caen Director)
“IN2P3’s Normand laboratories at the service of major projects and the international community”

11:30 / Cocktaïl

14:30 / Visit of GANIL facilities

Exchange with students

(by invitation only)

14:30 / Welcome to the DÔME

17:00 / End of the events

Physic at GANIL (Jean-Charles Thomas)

Physic at LPC (Olivier Lopez, Julien Gibelin)

“My thesis in brief !”
6 sessions of 20 min


  • Escape Game
  • MUOSCOPE workshop
  • « Étonnants infinis » book

Conference General public

20:30 / Welcome to the DÔME

22:00 / End of the events

“50 years of physics of the two infinities in Normandy”

  (Yvon Georget (GANIL) & Jean-Claude Steckmeyer (LPC Caen)

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