Immersion on a physics experiment

Code name : E605S

This film allows you to better understand the different stages of assembly and disassembly of a nuclear physics experiment carried out between April and May 2011 at GANIL in Caen. It is the result of a frame-by-frame editing filmed by a webcam directly in the experiment room D6 of GANIL.

Play Video

To do this an image has been recorded every 15 seconds and is presented to you at a speed of 24 frames/second.

You will find a list of all participants in the credits at the end of the program. But to sum up: almost 70 people are visible on this film. Some of them are just passing through but we can say that the realization of this experiment required :

  • about thirty permanent researchers coming from 9 international institutions (France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Russia and Japan).
  • about ten students and post-docs
  • about thirty engineers and technicians in fields as diverse as: production and acceleration of heavy ions, assembly and mechanics, electronics, computer science, detection, measurement (surveyors) and safety.

It is the concerted work over several months that allowed the realization of this experiment. Now the students in charge of the analysis will spend several years extracting the physics they are looking for from the data.

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