Energy is the engine of the world!
If it is not really possible to see energy, its effects are there, all around us. Everything that exists needs energy to function. The sun that makes plants grow, the wind that pushes the sailboat, the wood that burns in the fireplace, the dam that produces electricity. Actions, movements, heat and electricity… all of this is energy!

Without energy, the Earth would be cold, dark and lifeless.

La lumière. L'énergie.

Nuclear fission releases energy on an atomic scale that is out of all proportion to other sources of energy used by man.

The world’s uranium resources will not be sufficient to supply the nuclear industry beyond a few decades. Beyond that, only the deployment of new technologies could allow the atom to play a significant role in the world’s energy mix, as physicists specializing in this field explain.

From the planets to the galaxies, dive into the heart of the mechanisms of the Universe.

We are all surrounded by energy: in our body, our home, our environment… It is there, in our daily life, but what is energy?

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