The various applications of radioactivity and nuclear reactions in everyday life, at the doctor’s office, in the museum, in the laboratory, and in industry. Four levels of reading to interest the least informed as well as the most enlightened Internet users.

La radioactivité, M. Curie

Today’s medicine uses multiple sources of radiation for both diagnosis and therapy.

How to protect yourself from radioactivity? Reduce exposure to radiation whenever possible, apart from the unavoidable exposure to natural radioactivity and the sometimes necessary exposure due to medical and industrial uses of radioactivity.

Radioactivity is a part of our earth – it has existed all along. Naturally occurring radioactive materials are present in its crust, the floors and walls of our homes, schools, or offices and in the food we eat and drink. There are radioactive gases in the air we breathe. Our own bodies – muscles, bones, and tissue – contain naturally occurring radioactive elements.

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