The various applications of radioactivity and nuclear reactions in everyday life, at the doctor’s office, in the museum, in the laboratory, and in industry. Four levels of reading to interest the least informed as well as the most enlightened Internet users.

La radioactivité, M. Curie
This site explains radioactivity and its applications to a wide audience. It was created by physicists who continue to update it.
It benefits from the support of the scientific editor EDP-Sciences (EDITIONS DE PHYSIQUE) which ensures its hosting and that of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics (IN2P3)

Located in Marie Curie’s former laboratory, the museum retraces the different stages of the discoveries made by the Curies, the family with 5 Nobel prizes. A completely renovated space, arranged according to four themes…

Today’s medicine uses multiple sources of radiation for both diagnosis and therapy.

How to protect yourself from radioactivity? Reduce exposure to radiation whenever possible, apart from the unavoidable exposure to natural radioactivity and the sometimes necessary exposure due to medical and industrial uses of radioactivity.

Human is exposed to radioactivity on a daily basis. Examples in our daily life.

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