The 2 infinities

Our scientific themes are very varied. On the fundamental research side, the two main axes are “the infinitely small” (the elementary constituents of matter and their interactions; the study of atomic nuclei and their structure) and “the infinitely large” (the composition of the Universe, its history since the Big Bang and its evolution). They are based on cutting-edge technological know-how in many fields (particle accelerator, detector physics, mechanics, electronics, computer science, etc.) and have enabled the development of applied research activities (nuclear energy and medicine in particular).

NGC2264 and the Christmas Tree cluster © ESO / trajectoire de particules, D.R.

IN2P3’s educational and scientific mediation activities for schools and secondary schools take many forms: laboratory visits, “master class” discovery days, teacher training, loans of cosmic ray detectors to classes, teaching aids, exhibitions, websites, etc.

An application imagined by Relais d’sciences and realized by VirtuaSense.

Freely inspired by the special edition “The big zoom of the whole universe” of Science & Vie.

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