Conferences at high schools

Throughout the year, the GRES (Groupe de Réflexion sur l’Enseignement des Sciences) intervenes in high schools in order to present conferences on themes related to science such as energy, radiation, infinity, climate, etc… These conferences are presented by researchers and teacher-researchers from different laboratories in the region and their objective is to arouse vocations among high school students; to do this, the school just needs to propose an agreement with GRES in order to organize a series of conferences, taken from the whole available catalog (nearly 15 conferences are proposed). 

Conférences aux lycées

Fête de la science 2015. Jeu Nucleus

Conférences aux lycées

At the school of the two infinities

A real bridge between the teaching and research worlds, the “Ecole des deux infinis” aims to: introduce students to research careers awaken their curiosity about the world of physics share knowledge and experience of research present physics in a more concrete and human way fight against the lack of interest in scientific studies Pedagogical aids, conferences in schools, meetings, experiments, exhibitions, visits to laboratories, are some of the means that the IN2P3 is putting in place and developing in order to share the passion of science.

NEPAL conferences

The Nepal (Noyaux Et Particules au Lycée) conferences are lectures that researchers and engineers in nuclear physics or particle physics, give free of charge in high schools at the request of teachers. These lectures have been approved by the Direction des lycées et collèges and the dean of physics and chemistry of the Inspection générale, as well as the support of the Union des professeurs de physique et de chimie (UdPPC), formerly Union des physiciens (UDP). 

Lithium, Atom, Physique

Parcours culturels scientifiques

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