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Toolkit for Nuclei

Toolkit for Nuclei Diego Gruyer (LPC Caen) et Jérémie Dudouet (LP2I Lyon) nous présenteront ce séminaire le 13 avril à 13h30. Résumé:Au cours des dernières décennies, les physiciens nucléaires ont...


Fête de la science 2022 en Normandie

Fête de la science | 2022

Rendez-vous sur le Village des sciences ! L’atelier que nous présentons est ouvert à tous, sans aucune réservation. Vous aurez l’occasion de découvrir plusieurs animations et démonstrations interactives sur le...

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  • Neuroscience to the rescue against sexual violence
    Although a global scourge, sexual violence is by no means inevitable. It can be curbed, in particular thanks to recent discoveries on the brain and its phenomenal plasticity. The neurobiologists Danièle Tritsch and Jean Mariani, authors of Sexe et Violence. Comment le cerveau peut tout changer (“Sex and Violence. How the brain could change everything”), […]
  • The holy Hittite city of Zippalanda finally identified
    Historians who decipher cuneiform texts frequently discover names of ancient cities that they are unable to locate on a map. In addition, the original designations of many sites excavated by archaeologists in the Near and Middle East have yet to be determined. Discovering the names they were known by in antiquity sheds light on their […]
  • The truth behind the placebo effect
    Even without deception, a placebo can still be effective – provided certain precautions are taken before it is administered. A study by CNRS experts at the TIMC interdisciplinary health laboratory offers an explanation.
  • Reconciling people and wildlife in the Okavango
    In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, thousands of local villagers suffer the consequences of coexisting with protected wildlife species: livestock attacked by lions, crops destroyed by elephants… The researchers of the ProSuLi project are trying to find solutions.
  • Presenting the world's oldest architectural plans
    Engraved on stones and dated to 8,000 and 9,000 years ago, the oldest known plans to scale have recently been published in the journal PLOS ONE. They depict gigantic prehistoric structures known as “desert kites” that were designed to trap wild animals, and were discovered in the deserts of Jordan and Saudi Arabia by researchers […]
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