Nuclear sciences applications


Medical applications are a core activity of the group with historical collaborations (Centre François Baclesse (CFB/Caen), ARCHADE, Institut de Cancérologie Strasbourg Europe (ICANS/Strasbourg), Centre de Protonthérapie d’Orsay (CPO/Orsay)) around external photon beam radiotherapy, proton therapy and hadrontherapy

Dose measuring instruments

Ionizing radiation dosimetry through instrument design (dosimeters, contamination meters, beam monitors)

Effective sections & hadrontherapy

The measurement of effective sections for hadrontherapy (effective sections for the production of secondary fragments, production of transmitters β+)

Schéma du spectromètre de masse FRACAS permettant la mesure des sections efficaces de fragmentation des particules du faisceau.
Applications médicales et industrielles - Projet ARRONAX

Scientific computing applied to the medical field

Modelling of the effects of radiotherapy (probability of tumour control, risk of complication to healthy tissue), effective models of secondary fragment production

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