Nuclear sciences applications


Experimental physics of accelerator-driven fast and subcritical reactors (or ADS) and in nuclear data measurements

Head of the accelerator group (MYRRHA project)

Reactor physics

Concerning reactor physics, we carry out our work within the framework of European projects that have been succeeding each other since 2007 and within the framework of a collaboration contract between the CNRS and the SCK-CEN. Our work concerns the on-line measurement of the reactivity of an ADS, in support of the MYRRHA project. Our experiments are carried out at the GUINEVERE installation of the SCK-CEN.

Nuclear data

Concerning nuclear data, our SCALP project aims to measure the differential energy cross section of (n,alpha) reactions on 16O and 19F. These measurements are of interest for reactors. Experiments with the SCALP device will take place at NELBE (at HZDR, Dresden, Germany), at GELINA (at JRC-IRMM, Geel, Belgium) and at NFS (at SPIRAL2, Caen, France). This project is partly funded by European projects.

Physique des réacteurs. Expérience SCALP. Scintillating ionization Chamber for ALPha particle detection in neutron induced reactions.
Premiers tours du convertisseur de NFS à Spiral2

NFS - High Accuracy Neutron Monitor

The “Nuclear waste management” group participates in the qualification of the neutron beam of the NFS installation at GANIL.

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