Within the framework of distance working, several communication tools by videoconference and instantaneous communication are proposed.

At the service of students, researchers, teachers and staff of the Education-Research community, RENATER offers a highly reliable and secure network, facilitating collaboration and convergence of scientific and academic projects at the national level but also at the European and international levels.



The RENAvisio service is available to all establishments connected to RENATER:

  • Access to the reservation portal is via the federation of identities education-research.
  • Reservation is not possible for members of an institution identified as students.
  • The connection to a videoconference is done without authentication.

In order to organize and book meetings, authenticate yourself on http://renavisio.renater.fr. Once authenticated, you will be able to:

  • schedule a new meeting
  • manage your meetings (modification, deletion)
  • organize a RENAvisio+ (HD) meeting if you are a visio correspondent of an institution

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Zoom is accessible to CNRS unit staff, whether they are CNRS agents or not, for exchanges that do not involve sensitive information, particularly of a personal nature.

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CNRS videoconferencing tool, screen sharing - not Linux compatible - heavy client to download (Windows and Mac, iOS and Android) - security assured but imperfect fluidity depending on circumstances : My Com

The RENATER service
to participate in your web conferencing meetings!

Accessible directly on the workstations.
And also on tablets or smartphones via Jitsi Meet sur Google Play ou Apple Store.


CITADEL is an instant messaging (chat) tool. It allows to follow a thread of discussions between two or more people, in groups (lounges) restricted to CNRS laboratory staff and invited external persons.


Remote work: digital tools at your disposal
Arrange an appointment? Meeting remotely with 4, 10 ... 50 participants? Broadcast a course ?

The university provides you with many distance working tools, which you can consult directly on the catalog of digital services > section "Distance working: the essentials".

Digital tools at UNICAEN

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