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The laboratory has welcomed a large number of trainees for many years. Their origins are very diverse (trainees from middle school, high school, Bachelor’s degree, IUT, Master’s degree in Physics 1 or 2, Master’s degree MEEF 1 (future teachers of Physical Sciences), ENSICAEN (2nd or 3rd year)). This allows them either to discover the world of research, or to work and train in the laboratory’s areas of expertise. Trainees of Master 2 coming from the Master 1 of Caen or other Masters of France are welcomed within its research teams and can then possibly prepare a PhD Thesis either in the laboratory or in laboratories of IN2P3 or CEA.

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The professors of the laboratory have several responsibilities within the University of Caen Normandy.

The deputy director of the Physics and Chemistry department of the UFR des Sciences, the responsibility of the Master of International Physics in Nuclear Physics NAC (Erasmus Mundus in Nuclear Physics), the responsibility of the Bachelor’s degree “Sciences, Technologies, Health” in Physics as well as the pedagogical responsibility of the professional degree “Sciences, Technologies, Health” in Industrial Production Management AGEDDEN course (Remediation, Waste Management & Dismantling in Nuclear Environment) or MMN course (Maintenance in Nuclear Environment).

A teacher is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Caen Normandie.

The teachers of the laboratory intervene at the University in all the scientific university cycles. They not only provide teaching corresponding to the activities of the laboratory (subatomic physics, quantum physics and statistics) but they also participate in the teaching of general physics in all cycles (almost all the bachelor’s degrees of the UFR of Sciences, Master MEEF of Physical Sciences of INSPE).

They also teach in the Physical Measurements department of the IUT of Caen (in charge of the public works room and nuclear physics training courses) as well as at the Cherbourg branch in MMN and AGGEDEN professional licenses, and in the second year of the ESIX engineering school for nuclear-related courses, and at the Ensicaen in neutronics and reactor physics.

They provide one of the professional training courses offered by the University of Caen Normandy: training of Competent Persons in Radiation Protection (PCR) in the industrial and research sectors with AFAQ AFNOR certification.

Erasmus Mundus in Nuclear Physics

Prestigious international training in Master's degree in Nuclear Physics in collaboration with other European universities, partly funded by the European Union (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency).


The teachers of the laboratory are in charge of the Nuclear Engineering and Energy major in the Electronics and Applied Physics specialty. 

The teachers of the laboratory intervene at ENSICAEN in all the engineering cycle. They not only ensure the teaching corresponding to the activities of the laboratory but they also take part in the teaching of general physics.

Several teacher-researchers and researchers of the laboratory are members of various councils of the establishment (Board of directors, Scientific Council, Council of Studies).

The teaching of the specialization “Electronics and Applied Physics” (quantum mechanics, statistical physics, nuclear physics, neutronics, reactor physics, dosimetry and nuclear instrumentation) is provided by the teachers of the laboratory. They also teach in the “Materials Chemistry” speciality (statistics, nuclear energy, non-destructive testing).


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