The laboratory of corpuscular physics of Caen

The main activity of the laboratory concerns fundamental research: it is a matter of studying the properties of the forces at work in atomic nuclei in order to understand the mechanisms responsible for their formation.

The laboratory also conducts interdisciplinary and applied research in the field of downstream nuclear power (transmutation of nuclear waste) and hadrontherapy (treatment of cancers using ion beams).


(University Caen Normandy Professor)
since september 2022

Deputy director
Olivier LOPEZ

(CNRS Researcher)

Joint Research Unit (UMR 6534), the laboratory depends on three organisms :

Our research unit is part of the ComUE Normandie Université.

Located on Campus 2 of the University of Caen (Côte de Nacre Campus), the laboratory is part of the ENSICAEN research park.

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Université de Caen Normandie, ENSICAEN, CNRS/IN2P3, LPC Caen UMR6534, F-14000 Caen, France



Our research teams are dedicated to fundamental research in the field of subatomic physics and to applied research in the field of downstream electronuclear cycle and in the field of hadrontherapy.

Université Caen Normandie Science


Our teachers intervene at the university and at ENSICAEN in all the scientific university cycles. Our engineers also propose thematic schools and training courses, within the institutional framework.

Carte Electronique

Technical Expertise

Our technical teams develop their skills within the various departments in support of scientific experiments as well as developments at the cutting edge of technology and likely to be valorised.

Organization chart

Hierarchical and functional organization of the laboratory


Laboratory's prices and medals


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Public operators and companies
Cooperation, financing

Université de Caen, Faculté des sciences avant la 2nd guerre mondiale.

Created in 1947, the beginnings and the development of the laboratory


6, boulevard du Maréchal Juin – CS 45053 – 14050 Caen Cedex 4

Tél. : 02 31 45 25 00
Fax : 02 31 45 25 49

TRAM T2, Caen, Campus 2 station

Located in the research park of Campus 2, the laboratory is in restricted access. We invite you to contact the ENSICAEN reception desk.

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