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Recommendations for publishers

1) Create your numeric identifier ORCID 

2) Respect the affiliation, even if you depend on a single institution.

3) Deposit your preprint in ArXiv

Not only does this open preprints platform bring you a large visibility before being published, but above all it facilitates the import in HAL (our open archive) and afterwards the referencing of your publication. You should also be aware that the major international publication databases “harvest” ArXiv. This is why it is essential to inform your affiliation and those of your co-authors also in this platform.

4) Regularly check your list of publications in HAL (or via the website of the laboratory)

5) Finally, update your references !


Revues, articles …

BIBCNRS | CNRS Library Resources

UNICAEN | Universiy of Caen, library resources

ISTEX | ESRI Catalogue of Retrospective Collections of Scientific Literature in All Disciplines

PANIST | Platform for national archiving of scientific and technical information

IST Department of CNRS

IST Portal & DEMOCRITE Network (librarian)

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