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50 ans IN2P3

L’IN2P3 célèbre ses 50 ans

Pour cette année très spéciale qui marque les cinquante ans de l’IN2P3, nous sommes heureux de vous faire participer à nos nombreuses animations. EN SAVOIR PLUS

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  • Walking with our ancestors
    How did Australopitecus, Homo habilis and our other ancestors or "cousins" walk? To find out, the biomechanists and computer scientists from the HoBis project are modelling the movements of humans equipped with sensors, as well as baboons, who occasionally walk on their two hind legs.
  • Artemis: To the Moon and beyond
    It's off to the Moon. 29 August was to mark the beginning of the Artemis space programme. These lunar exploration missions should lead to the return of a human crew to the Moon by 2027. The goal is to settle there for the long term, with the sights set on Mars next. An overview with […]
  • French team tops RoboCup
    The French RoboBreizh team won the main event at RoboCup 2022, the world's most prestigious robotics tournament. It was in the "@Home" category, which focuses on home help, that the Brest team's expertise in embedded programming made the difference.
  • Meet the world's fastest microrobot
    It is an event that has shaken up the small world of robotics: a nanorobot named MiGriBot (Miniaturized Gripper Robot) just broke the world speed record for object manipulation. Behind this achievement is a French team led by Redwan Dahmouche.
  • Making applications more energy-efficient
    It is a genuine environmental problem: mobile applications seem to consume ever more energy. In Lille (northern France), the software science researcher Romain Rouvoy and his team are working to make these software programs more efficient.
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