CaeSAR project officially launched

CaeSAR project officially launched

 Université de Caen Normandie presented and officially launched the CaeSAR project “Caen, strategy for research acceleration”, supported by the Région Normandie, as part of the investment plan France 2030 .

Among the Neurosciences, neurovascular speciality, Chemistry and materials and digital innovation at the service of SHS research, Nuclear will make a major scientific contribution and provide recognized technical expertise. Two junior professorships at LPC Caen play a key role in this project.

The Centre de Physique Nucléaire, which brings together LPC Caen, CIMAP et GANIL laboratories, aims to consolidate collaborations in fundamental and applied research in the fields of health, energy and innovation, particularly in the fields of HTN and GANIL.

The CaeSAR project focuses on the GANIL research platform, the only one of its kind in France and internationally recognized, offering a wide range of ion beams used in fundamental and applied research in nuclear and atomic physics. Over the next decade, the latest-generation facilities will enable a revolution in the international understanding of nuclear matter.
Key areas include the structure of exotic nuclei, understanding the universe, the study of materials under irradiation and nuclear reactions for reactor safety.

To achieve these ambitious goals, the Centre de Physique Nucléaire, supported by LPC CAEN, is committed to attracting the best students by offering scholarships and organizing summer schools.

The ultimate goal is to position the Université de Caen Normandie as an undisputed leader, aiming to become France’s leading university in the field of Nuclear Physics, which will have a significant impact on society.

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