SPES Beam Cooler RFQ performance validated at LNL

The performance of the SPES Beam Cooler RFQ has been validated at the National Laboratory in Legnaro (Italy)

From February 20 to 29, a team from LPC Caen carried out the commissioning of the SPES BC RFQ (last phase of the SPES Beam Cooler project) at LNL (Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro) in Italy, in the presence of local physicists. This final phase involved verifying that the instrument’s performance measured at LPC Caen could be reproduced at its operating site. After testing the high-voltage platform at 50,000 volts, 4 ion species ranging from Lithium (m=7) to Cesium (m=133) were manipulated. The SPES BC’s ability to deliver low-energy, low-emittance ion beams with good transmission rates was thus verified.

This project once again demonstrated LPC Caen’s expertise in the design, manufacture and operation of ion traps. The SPES Beam Cooler is the first equipment to be supplied on a turnkey basis to a foreign laboratory.

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