Nuclear sciences applications

Design of a beam monitoring system for Ultra High Dose Rate electron radiotherapy

THESIS DEFENSE Chloé Lahaye 15 décembre 2022 FLASH or Ultra High Dose Rate (UHDD) radiotherapy is now considered a promising alternative to conventional radiotherapy following the discovery of the Flash effect. A biological effect observed when the treatment is delivered in a single session and over a short period of time. This biological effect considerably […]

Cross section measurements for hadrontherapy: Development of a mass spectrometer with wide acceptance (Edgar Barlerin / Thesis 2021)

Thesis defense : Edgar Barlerin The thesis work presented concerns the development of a mass spectrometer with a large acceptance, FRACAS, in the framework of the study of the fragmentation of 12C ions on targets of interest for hadrontherapy. The development of this device is motivated by the need to measure the double differential effective […]

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