Particles & fundamental interactions


The search for new physics (beyond the Standard Model), in high-precision and high-sensitivity “low energy” experiments, are complementary to those carried out on large colliders such as the LHC.

Le piège de Paul entouré de ses détecteurs

Measurement of beta-neutrino angular correlation in allowed transitions

The LPCTrap device, built and used by the laboratory, is unique among existing devices in the world for this type of measurements.


The energy spectrum of beta particles in the decay of certain well-chosen nuclei, constitutes the most sensitive means in this field to probe the existing new physics beyond the Standard Model, not yet excluded by high energy experiments. This project plans to measure the energy spectrum of electrons emitted by the 6He nucleus, over the widest energy range and with an accuracy never reached before.

WISArD expérience. Etudes de l'interaction faible avec la décroissance de 32Ar.

Studies of weak interaction with 32Ar decay

The weak interaction governing nuclear ß-decay is described in the Standard Model of Particle Physics as consisting of two streams, the vector stream for Fermi disintegrations and the axial-vector stream for Gamow-Teller disintegrations.

Matter's Origin from RAdioactivity

The MORA project (Matter’s Origin from the RadioActivity of trapped and laser oriented ions), led by GANIL and LPC Caen, addresses one of the most fundamental questions of modern physics: why is antimatter almost absent in the visible Universe?

Mesures de précision à basse énergie - projet MORA
n2EDM spectrometer components

Measurement of the electric dipole moment of the neutron

In our Universe, the standard cosmological model states that matter appeared during the very first moments of the Big Bang (t <10-12 s). But the fundamental symmetries of nature (on which particle physics relied) specify that antimatter should have been produced in strictly identical proportions. Today, only tiny traces of antimatter are observed across the universe. The reasons why antimatter has disappeared and given way to the matter are not understood. It remains one of the most important question in cosmology.

COMET - COherent Muon to Electron Transition

The charged lepton flavor violation (cLFV) appears as a clear signal of the existence of new physics beyond the standard model. The objective of the COMET experiment at J-PARC in JAPAN is to demonstrate this lepton flavour violation from a rare signal resulting from the conversion of muon to electron in the vicinity of an aluminum core.

COMET Experiment (COherent Muon to Electron Transition)
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