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In a multi-branch environment, the Administrative and General Services Department acts as an interface with these bodies (CNRS – ENSICAEN – UNICAEN).

Within the unit, as a support service, it provides assistance and advice to all laboratory staff on several themes:

Financial management

The agents of the service draw up the budgets allocated to it by the three guardianships. In collaboration with the unit’s scientific and technical managers, they participate in the preparation of research contracts by preparing budgets for purchases and personnel expenses (fixed-term research contracts, doctoral students).

The budget execution and the justification of expenses to the different funding agencies (Europe, ANR, Region, …) is done in compliance with the financial regulations of our supervision.

Within the framework of the experiments carried out by the scientists of the laboratory, the administrative service is in charge of the missions in their entirety (reservation of transport tickets, accommodation, preparation of statements of expenses, …). In addition to the financial aspects, the department provides follow-up and support in case of problems that may arise during the missions (cancellation of transport, early return, repatriation, …).

Financial management also extends to the dynamics of international relations. The laboratory has been involved for many years in bilateral agreements for the exchange of researchers (Poland, Romania, …). The department manages the budgets dedicated to an International Scientific Cooperation Program (ISCP) with Canada and an International Research Project (IRP) with Japan. The purpose of these programs is to explore new fields of research, new partnerships and to encourage the mobility of researchers.

Finally, the department also participates in the organization of scientific events of which the unit is the bearer (conferences, seminars, colloquia, …). In this context, the department manages all the financial aspects related to the event, from the competitive bidding of service providers hosting the event to the settlement of invoices, including the financial management of subsidies and registration payments.

Personnel management

The laboratory welcomes about forty trainees from the discovery of the professional world to the Master 2 internship. The department is also in charge of the recruitment of permanent and non-permanent CNRS and ENSICAEN staff. The processing of these files is always done in close collaboration with the human resources departments of the relevant supervisory authority.

The department is also competent to help the agents in their administrative procedures (follow-up of visits with the occupational medicine, application for multiple employment, management of sick leave, …). It has also set up a welcome booklet for new employees, which is made available to staff upon their arrival.

The laboratory welcomes many international scientific visitors every year. They may come for a short period to provide training or seminars, or for a longer period in the framework of a collaboration.

Concerning international researchers, the administrative service has an FSD correspondent (Civil Servant for Security and Defence). The latter declares the visitor’s arrival beforehand. The purpose of this declaration is to guarantee the Protection of Scientific and Technological Potential (PPST). The FSD correspondent is in close contact with the FSD of the hosting site and with the Information Systems Security Officer (CSSI) of the unit.


Since 2018, a service agent has taken on the role of training correspondent. In addition to disseminating training offers and drafting the unit’s training plan, the training correspondent helps agents identify their training needs, either for immediate adaptation of their function, or in order to acquire, maintain or develop skills and knowledge to develop their profession.


General services

The Administrative Department was expanded to include General Services in 2008. The unit has a surface area of approximately 2800 m², so the agent in charge of general services ensures the maintenance, development and operation of the buildings, as well as the setting up of experiments.                                             

This consists of managing, centralizing and updating all data concerning the laboratory’s infrastructures and networks and evaluating the costs of renovating, refurbishing and bringing the buildings’ infrastructures up to standard.

These operations are carried out internally or by subcontracting. In the case of subcontracting, it monitors external companies and takes charge of monitoring maintenance contracts and companies providing maintenance.

Concerning logistics, it researches and manages the purchase of products for services and for stocks. It investigates and listens to users in order to define their needs.

He is in charge of organizing the international import and export of scientific equipment, he is an expert in the transport of dangerous goods.

It provides employees with administrative vehicles and ensures their management and maintenance.

Finally, he participates in redevelopment operations, sets up premises and purchases office furniture adapted to the entire laboratory.




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