Electronics, microelectronics

The main mission of the Microelectronics Department (SEM) is to meet the needs of physics experiments and projects by designing and characterizing systems in the field of analog/mixed discrete or microintegrated front end electronics (ASIC), power electronics and radio frequency


In order to carry out this mission, the SEM works in close collaboration with the other technical departments and maintains a permanent technology watch, participates in the construction of demonstrators and prototypes, carries out tests and characterizations.

In recent years, the activity of the service has been mainly marked by a strong involvement in the following projects : SuperNEMO, SPIRAL2, FRACAS, Id-LISE, SPES; the growing demand of physicists for RFQs; the progress of R&D in charge preamplifiers; the complexity of new ASICs. This activity has enabled the creation or strengthening of collaborations with other laboratories at IN2P3 (GANIL, LAL, LPSC) or abroad (Manchester University, INFN Legnaro).

On a more ad hoc basis, the SEM provides developments within the framework of industrial contracts (example: CERAP/Atron Metrology).

Agents of the SEM are members of the microelectronics/electronics network and participate in the transversal projects Cherenkov Lab and DiamASIC.

Development of front-end electronics for physics detectors
  • Discrete analog electronics
    • Charge, current and voltage preamplification
    • Multi-channel electrometer card, HT Faster card, PM base…
  • Micro-integrated analog and digital electronics
    • Charge, current and voltage preamplification
    • Shaper CRRCn, track&hold, pulse generator,….
    • High resolution time path: discri, fast shaper, TDC….
    • Remote configurable electronics
    • Multi-channel circuits
Development of electronics for ion trapping, cooling and beam guiding systems
  • System for the production of radio-frequency electric fields
  • High-voltage platform polarization (70 kV)
  • Fast switching of high voltage (30 kV on qq 10ns)
Cabling workshop management
  • Card and chassis cabling
  • System and cable assemblies
  • Component inventory management



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