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Communication aims to promote the image of research, its players and its results. The laboratory works with its partners to promote a stronger link between science and society. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with all publics.


International conferences

The organization of international conferences and seminars is a communication action, in accordance with the global strategy of the laboratory.

Promoting the image of the laboratory, the coherence of the messages disseminated to the different audiences as well as the information distribution chain, are the essential steps in the promotion of our image and our “actions & media” strategy.


The laboratory participates and organizes many scientific events for the general public such as the Fête la Science (October), Dark Matter Day (November), the CNRS Forum, Ma thèse en 180″ (regional, national and international finals) etc. 

At the regional level, we participate in the job forums, the open doors of the Universities and ENSICAEN, the Student Fair and the Normandy Excellence Festival (FENO).

Fête de science. Semaine de la science 2020.
Prix Musée Schlumberger. Concours Têtes chercheuses. Billotron (2010), Muoscope (2015).

Scientific mediation

The laboratory’s communication acts in cohesion with the communication services of its supervisory bodies (CNRS, IN2P3, ENSICAEN and the University of Caen Normandy).

Locally, the LPC has been participating for many years in exchanges with schools with the support of the Academy of Normandy Caen (conferences in high schools in the region, apprentice researchers …). In addition, we are present alongside the teams of the DÔME, to participate in various events: TURFU Festival, Têtes chercheuses, etc.

IN2P3 aims to introduce young people and the general public to the main themes of its fields of investigation and to the research professions. The institute supports and carries out actions in the world of education in close collaboration with the teaching staff and is involved in events aimed at the greatest number of people. It also offers a selection of audiovisual productions and works produced with CNRS scientists.

Web & Social networks

The field of action of scientific communication and information concerns the dissemination of knowledge and the valorization of scientific production. In an essentially digital context, the use of Web technologies is developed in favour of the image of the laboratory in its environment.

The dissemination of knowledge related to digital communication is constantly evolving. The laboratory offers its users as wide an offer as possible, whether through videos, social networks and web applications.

This activity fully integrated in the Scientific and Technical Information (STI) contributes to the definition, the implementation and the follow-up of the digital communication strategy of our tutelles, while ensuring interactions with the communities. The development of digital content (texts, videos, photos, iconography) is one of the essential activities to reinforce the visibility of the laboratory and the technical and scientific teams.

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